Bryson’s Story

This past weekend I got to sit down with my sister , LuShundra, and ask her a few questions about my nephew Bryson and their journey. Bryson was born 4 months early and he was considered a micro preemie. Before she had Bryson we didn’t know anything about micro preemies, or g-tubes, or even tracheostomy. He has been through so much in his short little life but his story is so encouraging, I just had to share!

My sister, LuShundra

When was Bryson born?

Bryson was born September 18, 2018. He was due January 8, 2019

How many weeks were you when he was born?

I was exactly 24 weeks. * She went into the hospital at 23 weeks and was told that his chances of survival were greater at 24 weeks. Also at the hospital where he was born they wouldn’t intervene or resuscitate him if he was born before 24 weeks.

View from the incubator.

How much did he weigh? How long was he?

10 oz. 10 inches * Just for reference there are 16 oz in a pound, he wasn’t even close to one pound.

Bryson at one day old. September 19, 2018

What were your thoughts when you first seen him?

I was still drugged up from the anesthesia lol, so I was in shock. He was so small I asked “where is he”? It was just crazy and unbelievable seeing something so small.

How long was he in the NICU?

262 days. He was in the NICU at Seton Hospital in Austin, Tx where he was born from September to December 11, 2018. Then he was transferred via helicopter to Baylor Scott & White McLane NICU in Temple, Tx. He stayed there from December to May 2, 2019 when he was finally ready to go home.

Graduation Day! Finally going home May 2, 2019

How have you handled everything? With his progressions and/or delays?

It was hard. It was emotional and depressing. The only reason I kept going, it had to be God and family, because if you are by yourself there is no way you can do it by yourself. * During Bryson’s time in the hospital my sister had to commute back and forth everyday so that she could be there with him. While in Austin she briefly stayed at the Ronald McDonald house. She was there everyday to be with him, making sure that he was well taken care of, and to monitor his treatments.

When did he have his tracheostomy?

He got his trach and g-button January 17, 2019

Just got my Trach! January 17, 2019

How did you feel about his tracheostomy?

At first that was something I didn’t want done at all. It was something that I had battled a lot with. But everyone kept saying once he gets it you will feel better and the baby will look better. Once he got it he looked like a totally different baby. He was swollen before and after he looked relieved.

Why didn’t you want him to have the tracheostomy initially?

What mama would want a hole in their baby’s throat. Especially if you don’t know anything about it. I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know anyone with a trach especially any babies. It was basically the fear of the unknown. It wasn’t until I started googling it and meeting other parents that I started to get a better understanding.

What does his trach do for him? Why does he need it?

It helps him breath. His little lungs were damaged from being on the ventilator since he was born. It helps him expands his lungs the way they are suppose to.

Trach Fashion!

Have you interacted with other moms in similar situations?

At first no. When they first started talking about giving him the trach I asked if there was anyone else that I could talk to and they didn’t have anyone. Then I talked to a case worker who gave me information for a mom that stays locally. Every since then I have been able to be apart of Facebook groups with other moms of babies with tracheostomy. Those moms have helped a lot. Honestly the moms help you out better than the doctors and nurses.

What kind of advice have you received that has really stuck with you throughout this whole process?

That preemies are fighters. They are strong fighters. To never give up, no matter what the doctors or nurses may say. I had a doctor tell me that they didn’t think that he would survive, but Bryson is proving him wrong.

What kind of advice would you give a new mom in a similar situation?

No matter what you are a strong woman. You may not think that you are but you are strong. You will have hard days but looking at your baby fighting helps you to keep going.

What is something you would want Bryson to know in the future?

No matter what you go through you will make it through because you are a strong fighter. Something that I have been telling him since he was first born is that you are strong, you are a fighter, you are a king, you are a warrior and you are blessed.

Hopefully this interview has given you some insight on Bryson and his journey. We barely scratched the surface of everything that he has been through in his short life. But he is our miracle baby who is about to turn one and he has blessed our lives tremendously.

Big Smile!



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  1. Love this Alisicia! Shun and baby Bryson are so strong & such a motivating duo. I’m on my way to nursing school and been trying to make the decision on what units I want to seek when I finally get to experience the job inside the hospital. This has validated that the NICU is where I would like to spend most of my time. To see a little person fight harder than, sometimes we do against any nay-sayers or negative words motivates me to be a better version of myself. Thank you Bryson for being the fighter you are and thank you Shun for being a great, strong mother that speaks life and strength into her little one daily. ❤️

  2. But God💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽Hallelujah to him we give all the glory and honor!!! Baby Bryson has been since day one our family miracle baby #2. His journey along with his mom has been a blessing of FAITH for all of us. When a family pray together as we do we expect nothing no great than God’s miracles. We love you LuShundra and Bryson. It’s almost his 1st birthday. But, when man says no, BUT GOD says YES!!!!! Alisicia, beautiful job Niece. Be blessed

  3. Alisicia what a beautiful story about your sister LuShundra experiences and Bryson journey. Life stories like this one will and has helped many that or in the same situations. LuShundra, thanks for letting Bryson journey be a blessing to others. Thanks God for healing power!!! Looking forward to seeing the future of Bryson Washington🤗💃🏻.

    To God Be The Glory 🙏🏽🙏🏽💝 Love You all Nieces🥰Love Bryson even MORE🥰😇

  4. Yes, I must say it’s unbelievable that it is almost one year already. Bryson is our Mighty Warrior. God has allowed me to be “Grandma “ to one of His Miracles, and I am so grateful and humbled. I remember saying, when I have grandchildren they will not call me grandma, but I can not imagine Bryson calling me anything else. God is faithful and He is still a miracle worker!!! Glory be to God!!! Life can never be the same….forever changed! No one can make me doubt God, because I know to much about Him!! #grandmabuddy, Awesome job Nanny Li😘

  5. This is definitely a testimony that needs to be shouted every chance you’re given, Baby Bryson you’re one loved lil guy I can relate to this story my twins were born at 25 weeks and it’s was a truly an amazing experience, they have definitely beat a lot of odds. We are truly blessed beyond many measures and I’m truly thankful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey.❤️

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