Netflix and Chill (Korean Drama edition)

This month I have been seriously lacking in the posting and updating department. There is only one thing that can keep me away for so long. NETFLIX. Seriously, this month I have been Netflix and chilling so hard. I have not gotten much of anything done. Besides the usual work and family time. There are so many different types of shows that I like to watch but this month I watched only Korean Dramas.

So, if your not into K-pop or Korean social culture then you may not know how big of a deal Korean pop music and Korean dramas are to the culture. Im not really into pop music but I really enjoy the hip hop and r&b type music. I figured why not indulge in some drama as well. From a newbies stand point on K-Drama I would say almost all shows are rated TV-14, basically PG13. Coming from a person who also binge watches Hallmark movies and mysteries, I would say they are very similar. Koreans love a great love story. No matter what show I watched they all ended with a happy ending. Another thing is they all have some sort  of mystery. I mean shows where you wouldn’t even think a mystery would fit into the story line, BAM there goes the plot twist! This month I watched a total of 5 shows. Yes, judge away! Let’s just call it research and move along. All 5 shows are currently on Netflix with 1 season each with 16 or so episodes. Most shows are an hour long each episode. Ok, I know that’s a lot of binge watching, research remember! But if your interested in watching something different and don’t mind subtitles I highly suggest these shows.

1. One more time

One More Time Trailer

Synopsis: Main character is a struggling musician. One day he starts replaying the same day over again. He tries to figure out why he is replaying the same day and what he can do different each day to make it end better.

This show is a Netflix original. It was also the first drama I watched. Although this drama isn’t very long, only 8 episodes, the story is very good and keeps building through out the episodes. I seriously couldn’t stop watching this one. By the end of this show you will probably be bawling your eyes out. Side note: I am a hopeless romantic and a big cry baby, I will cry at just about anything.

2. Oh my Ghost/ Oh my Ghostess

Synopsis: The main character in this show is a very timid kitchen assistant who happens to be able to see ghost. She is possessed by a ghost who is very outgoing and charismatic. The ghost thinks she is still on earth because she suddenly died and was still a virgin. The only way she can move on is to fulfill that need. But of course there is a plot twist!

Oh my Ghost was really funny! I loved this show. 16 episodes and they are an hour long. But seriously this was another show that I could not stop watching. This one starts off pretty quirky but turns into a  who done it sort of plot. In the end of course there is a happy ending for all.

3. This is my Love/My Love Eun-Dong

Synopsis: Eun Ho is a A-List celebrity in Korea but with all of the fame and fortune his heart is still empty. He sets out to find his one true love that he met 20 years prior. He is determined to find and marry his love Eun-Dong at any cost.

I’m kind of on the fence about this show. It was really good and a change of pace from the last few shows that I watched. I just couldn’t get over the fact this guy was obsessed with this women for like 20 years. It kind of bordered on creepy stalker and possessive. In the same it was a very sweet story of having only one true love and lovers being destined for each other. It’s a good show but I struggled to get through some of it.

4. Hello my Twenties/ Age of Youth

Out of all of the shows that I have watched this month, this was the only one that has 2 seasons. I’m currently watching season 2 so I can not give a review on that yet. I really enjoyed season 1. It was quite funny and a lot of things were unexpected. It’s a typical story about 20-something women living together and getting through college but there are a lot of secrets that start to be revealed.

5. Strong girl Bong Soon/ Strong woman Do Bong-Soon

Synopsis: Do Bong-Soon has inherited super human strength. A trait that is past down to all of the women in her family. She is hired by the C.E.O of a gaming company to be his body guard after he starts receiving threats. Not only does she have to protect the C.E.O but also the women in her neighborhood since there is a serial kidnapper on the loose.

This one was my favorite show out of the five. I could probably watch it again. It is hilarious! the female lead in this show also starred in the show ‘Oh my Ghost’. She is so cute and quirky and this role was made just for her. Not to mention the first and second male leads in this show are soo freaking cute! Not only are the main characters funny but the supporting cast is hilarious. If you want to watch a drama I suggest this one first!

I think this will have to become a series. I binge watch a lot of TV so I will be back with more shows to watch. Maybe next time it will be Anime edition! Also if you watch any of these shows or you have a favorite genre of shows that you love to watch and you think I should check out, leave me a comment below!



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  1. Hello! I am a new comer to Netflix. Spacish told me I needed to watch Seven Seconds. I came in one Sunday evening ate and out my phone on mute and begin to watch thus show. I watch the first episode and the next and when realized what time it was I had watched six episodes. Well everyday I would rush home to see the next episode. Thursday night I had to episodes to watch. When episode 9 ended Isay one more tomorrow night. Got my snacks and continue to watch the last episode. I feel on the binge thing. I must check out some of your suggestions. I guess the old lady can handle it. By the way I could watch the hallmark channel from sun up to sun down everyday

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