How I Deal With Anxiety

This passed week was another challenge. It had been awhile since I had an anxiety attack. But the moment I stepped out of the Dentists office the worry set in. I only had to have oral surgery to remove my last two wisdom teeth, but that was the first time I had to go under a general anesthetic. Not only did I have to go under, I also had to get an IV. I know, I know stop being a baby it’s just a needle. But I have a very long standing hatred for needles. So this is how my anxiety attack began.

After my consultation I explained to my husband what the plan was for the actual procedure. I have to arrive at the dentist at 7:15am before hand I was recommended to take a pill to relax me. Then they will start the IV to administer the anesthetic, AND thats when everything went fuzzy. I don’t know if anyone else suffers from anxiety but its like the room starts spinning and you can’t catch your balance, your body tenses up and all of your worries come crashing down on you at one time. Its not a good feeling. After catching my breath and fighting back the tears, yes there were tears, I finally was able to gather myself. I need to have this surgery. I have been in pain for so long. This is necessary.

So how do I gather myself back together when I’m having an anxiety attack? Its pretty simple.

First thing I do is breathe. It may seem like that’s a no brainer but the stress and worry is so overwhelming that at times it is hard to breathe. So I take deep meaningful breathes. I breathe in clarity and exhale worry. I breathe in peace of mind and exhale doubt.

Second thing I do is focus. I like to focus with all of my senses. I look around at all of the things that I can see, feel, and hear. It helps me to get out of my head and back into reality.

Third thing was always the hardest thing for me to do and that is to talk to someone about how I am feeling. A lot of people that do not suffer from anxiety will just brush off your feelings and reactions as being dramatic. It is good to find someone who understands the difference between you being overly dramatic and actually having an anxiety attack. Talking about it with someone helps rationalize your thoughts and its comforting to know that someone is there in your corner.

Lastly, I pray about it. Im not saying praying about it will make all of the anxiety magically disappear. But if you have complete faith in God, then praying about it will give you peace. I usually can tell when I am anxious about something. I don’t get any sleep at night and my body becomes sore from tension. So I pray and ask God to ease my mind of anything that is worrying me and keeping me up. Like I said the anxiety is not going to just go away but I do find that I can sleep better at night.

After spending the past week dealing with my anxiety. I did have my surgery and everything went well. Its just somethings I can’t help but worry about. But I have learned to deal with my worries and anxiety and I hope this can help you too!





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  1. And why didn’t we discuss these issues before…
    Remember I would say I feel fine…
    I wasn’t, I had just put that little white pill under my tongue, it made everything stop spinning. It made me able to complete my work. But it didn’t stop me from running my mouth…I could talk for hours about nothing. I Love You for sharing!!!

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